That's Life...It's Not Simple...But I SureDo LoveIt

When last I was here...April 10th...I really had plans to return before now!
As it happened, Spring Break and the Extended Photo Shoot Trip
took a detour in May which lasted through the summer and....

...continues today.

That's Life
When you say it is simple,
It says - not as simple as you think!
When you say it is difficult,
It says - not as difficult as you think!
When you say it is beautiful,
Giving a healthy challenge,
It says - are you sure?
When you say you know it well,
It will confuse you and say - you bet!
That's life...
I am not sure whether I know it,
But I sure do love it!

I'll see you again soon here on CollectInTexas Gal's Photo Blog to share my
 Summer PhotoShoots!
In the meantime, I invite you to visit me on
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