The Art of Bait Hook & Catch

Step One....The Bait

Step Two...The Hook

Step Three...The Catch

'The Art' in this collection of 'Baitin' the Hook' Photos is not in the Bait, the Hook or the Catch...
...but 'In the Hands'.


Shootin' And Shoppin' at JWilde's...Friday ShootOut

Historic DownTown San Angelo, Texas offers a bit of everything from Antiques to Zebra Print Rugs,
and like many Revived Historic Main Streets has turned to unique speciality shops. 
Yes, this is a wild shop to be sure...pronounced Will-de...JWilde's features a
HipBoutique, Retro-Hippie Everything, Custom Fabrics and Painted Furniture with a WildeSide!

These Boots Were Made for BoardWalkin'
Boardwalk Shopping outside the shop is just a little look at what's behind the Double Pink Doors!

Time Peace and Retro Love 
Get your RetroFix and Sixty's Flashback Tour with Retro Collectibles and
Hip Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry. 
 Wanna See More? 
 Click HERE for JWilde's Website!  

Yours Truly and My TrueLove ~ 1966

I guess you can see why JWilde's is a favorite Shop of mine.  
 I'm a RetroTexas Gal.

StoreFronts ~ Favorite Shops Theme


Last Blast Fall Foliage SlideShow

Concho River Cypress


Buzzzzzin' ChrySanThMums....MacroFlowers Saturday

The Chrysanthmums have been Glorious this year here in Texas. 
Captured this BusyBee spreading and sharing the Pollen just before the first cold snap.

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1


Guilty As Charged ~ Pleasures of A JunkTiQuer

The problem is... it's not on my way to Anywhere!  It's totally Out of My Way! 
 I always have to STOP... I drove all the way out here and they are OPEN!

I can spend HOURS at Grady's Booth.  It's a Total Trap! 
He has FIVE or SIX Booths with shelves stuffed like this. 
 His TopSelling Theory is..."Let Em' Dig and BlowOff the Dust"! 
Grady and I were Neighbor Dealers! 
Yep, I gave into Antique/Junk Temptation so often that I became a Junktique Dealer! 
I do love all of Grady's Junk Stuff Antiques, but my True Quilty Pleasure is......


Maybe someday we will have 'What I Collect' Theme! 
 Boy could I show Ya'll some Glassware, Crochet, Needlework, Dishes, Quilts, Birthday Figurines, Head Vases,
Baskets, Fabric, Sewing Machines and on and on.
COLLECTInTexas Gal....Get the Picture?
Guilty As Charged ~ Pleasures of A JunkTiQuer!!


Walk In The Park ~ It's Fall Ya'll

Abilene State Park ~ Abilene, Texas


Fall ~ FavFoto Time...MacroMonday

Fall and Photography ... A Match Made in RedYellowOrange Heaven!
With my NeatONikon and a PhotoShoot to Abilene, Texas State Park,
Fall is my New Favorite Time of the Year.

Shooting Dragonflies is always a challenge....'Be Still for TwoSeconds'....to Find Focus and Shoot! 
 While shooting the Red Leaf Bush, I spotted this Dragonfly that was very STILL. 
 It seemed stuck on the Red Leaf and STAYED for Several Minutes.
Fall is Definately my New Favorite Time of the Year!


Shadow Shot Sunday...At Buffalo Wallow

Buffalo Wallow Creek
Where the Buffalo Wallow? 
 Nope, it gets the name from the nearest town...Buffalo Gap, Texas!
Which is twelve miles South of Abilene, Texas.
A great little Fishin' Hole surrounded by Buffalo Grass, Cattails and Oak Trees!
Shadow Shot Sunday #130

CollectInTexas Gal Entry #3
Thanks for viewing!  Ya'll Come Back Soon!


Over My Head...Friday ShootOut

Hello...Whatcha doin down there?
Oh! Just Shootin' Over My Head!
Have ya seen any Nuts?
Nope! Not up there!
They're all down here!

Theme ~ Over Your Head


What's UpUnder There...Macro Monday

A New Direction....UpUnder!

UpUnder The Clothesline

UpUnder The Pomegrante Tree

UpUnder The Arbor


Shadow Shot Sunday...In The Trees

Over Shadowed...Not Over Looked

Above and Below The Light

Turning Tips and Shadowed Trunk

Hello Shadow Shot Sunday Shooters.  Yep, I was surprised, too! 
 It was like She was saying, "What are you doin' Snoopin in My Tree?"
Some days a Backyard Photo Shoot is full of surprises!
Like yesterdays ZoomZoomZoom Shot of this NoNuts Nut Gatherer!

Shadow Shot Sunday #129

CollectInTexas Gal Entry #2
Shadow Shot Sunday.
Thanks for viewing....Ya'll come back soon!
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