The Relics of A Texas Town

A Study of Rust and Relics In
Small Town West Texas
Photos by CollectInTexas Gal

The Building

The Rust

The Rusted Relics

My Town Friday ShootOut
January 14, 2011
'Weird Stuff In Your Town'
(click on photos to enlarge)

Weird in the 1950's?  Probably not! 
Weird and Unexpected  in 2011?  Definately!
To find this Relic of a Bike at the back of The Building was a PhotoShoot Delight!
If only Donald could Quack...the stories he could tell.  Like why he has a Screw in his Head!

My Town Friday ShootOut McLinky

Thanks for visiting my post on Relics of a Texas Town.

I hope you enjoyed this Study of the History of a Small West Texas Town Through Photography.

More of this PhotoShoot in the Flicker SlideShow!

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