Texas Friendly and Seven FotoFacts

....and Welcome to my Friendly Home Town of San Angelo, Texas.  

The Texas State Motto is 'FRIENDSHIP' and was adopted by the Texas Legislature in 1930.

 State mottoes may be said to reflect the character and beliefs of the citizens of the state, or more accurately, the citizens of the state when they were adopted.

State mottoes can help us gain insight into the history of a state.

Click HERE for the List of US State Mottoes.

You may be wondering why all this Talk about Texas and Friendship!

It is this Texas Gals way of  'Doing The Texas Photo TwoStep'...or...'Killing Two Birds with One Stone...or in BlogTalk...Multi-Posting!

So, here goes a Multi-Photo Post for.....

A Blog Award
January 28th Theme 
'Things Around My Town with The Letter F'

Thanks to Doreen at My Reflections as I Shutter Along for this Award.

In accepting the Stylish Blogger Award I am to:
  1. Thank the bestower....done.
  2. Pass the Award to 15 Recently Discovered Bloggers...This I will accomplish with the Friday ShootOut Group.  You are ALL a Bunch of Talented Photographers and Bloggers.  Please capture the Award Button and Post on YOUR Blog along with this list of Rules. 
  3. Be sure and contact the Bloggers you choose to Pass this Award on to.
  4. Share SEVEN Things about Yourself!   Mine are in Photos....afterall this is CollectInTexas Gals PhotoBlog!
Keep In Mind these Photos will Reflect the Friday ShootOut Theme - The Letter F as well as My Seven Facts!

Foto and Fact #1 ~ I am a GRIT...Girl Raised In Texas by an Iowa Farm Girl Mother and a Texas Cowboy Father.

Foto and Fact #2 ~ I am the First of Five Children and the Fifth Generation of Texas Pioneers in West Texas.
Please visit my Family Heritage Blog {if you like}
Stories Based on Fact and Old Family Photos

Foto and Fact #3 ~ All my Siblings live in Texas within Four Hours driving distance. 

Foto and Fact #4 ~ I married my HighSchool Sweetheart Forty-Five years ago.  We eloped to Juarez Mexico to get hitched!

Foto and Fact #5 ~ I am a Texas History Buff of Old Cemetaries like this one in my Former Home Town of Fort Stockton, Texas.
Foto and Fact #6 ~ I am a Master Quilter, Collector and Apprasier of Vintage Quilts, and Former Quilt Shop Owner. 
I do lots of Fiddling with Fotos, but I do not play the Fiddle! 
(Thanks GingerV for the Fiddle Tip)
Foto and Fact #7 ~ I take pictures of Texas Weeds!
Funny, huh?
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