Ride On In To Fort Chadbourne, Texas

Historic Fort Chadbourne PhotoShoot
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Photos by CollectInTexas Gal

Friday MyTown ShootOut
January 7, 2010
MyTown MacroShots
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Although Fort Chadbourne is located half way between MyTown of San Angelo and Abilene, one of the main streets in San Angelo is CHADBOURNE STREET. 

Chadbourne Street runs all the way through San Angelo, and was the main street of town in 1908 when this post card was made.

Most of the buildings seen here are still on Chadbourne Street in Historic DownTown San Angelo. 

You can view this post card and more of San Angelo's Historic Buildings HERE.

Friday MyTown ShootOut McLinky

Thanks for visiting my Fort Chadbourne, Texas Post. 
I hope you enjoyed the Tour and the Historic Information. 
The rest of my PhotoShoot is presented in the SlideShow.  

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