The Letter 'A' ... It's AWESOME

 It's not often that I take Photo's of the less Attractive side of People, Places or Things.
But the driver of the Auto in which I was a passenger...well, he was following the
 Arrow pointing to the left... Away from Academy's Attractive Side. 

It worked out Alright since it opened the Avenue for presenting our Athlete Grandson
 who supported  America's Breast Cancer Awareness Month
 by wearing Pink Leggings and the Pink Ribbon on his
 Athletic Footbal Gear which was bought at....
It was AWESOME to see All the Support from All Walks of Life!!!

AHHHH, now this is more like it....the Attractive Photo Shots!
As you can see the Pink Autum Joy Attracted both the Bee and Me!
Thank goodness for AutoZoom Zoom Zoom!
It Allowed me to capture this Amazing and Awesome shot!
Any closer and I'd be Applying Aloe and Antiseptics!

Speaking of AWESOME!

Theme for November 11th
'The Letter A"
More AWESOME Shots
on the
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