The Sunflower...UpClose and Personal...Ants And All

History of the Amazing Sunflower

The story of sunflower (Helianthus Annuus ) is indeed amazing. The wild sunflower is native to North America but commercialization of the plant took place in Russia. It was only recently that the sunflower plant returned to North America to become a cultivated crop. But it was the American Indian who first domesticated the plant into a single headed plant with a variety of seed colors including black, white, red, and black/white striped. From: National Sunflower Assn.

The Sunflower is a habitat for Ants and Spiders as seen in these MacroShots.
It's always such a fun surprise to find them when processing the photos digitally.

As mentioned in the History of the Sunflower, commercialized and cultivated fields of Sunflowers are found throughout North America.

Here in Texas, they grow wild everywhere as well as in cultivated fields. 

These shots were taken on a Texas Farm Road on a windy day as is evident in the Sunflower Field.

Click on Photo for an Even Larger Look!

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