My Name is Sue ... I Am A Collector!

I Collect Head Vases...

My first Head Vase is pictured in the Header and on the bottom right of the top photo collage. 
 I found her behind a toliet in an old beauty shop.  Big Hair and Little Heads is a post about Her.
A Brief History of Head Vases is online at The Headvase Museum.

I Collect Glassware and Dishes

 Collections Around My Town
Theme For
February 4, 2011

Around My Town of San Angelo, Texas
'The SheepSpectacular Collection'

The vibrant fiberglass ewes and the attraction they bring to the city are the main reasons Downtown San Angelo, Inc., an organization dedicated to the revitalization and preservation of historic downtown San Angelo, received one of the two annual Tourism Awards conferred by the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce.

The whole idea behind the Sheep Spectacular was to honor our heritage in San Angelo. San Angelo was known as the wool capital of the world, and it is still an important economic base to the city.

The Extreme Junker Collector

 His Junk Collections

As I mentioned in my 'Member Voice' post, part of my Collecting Obsession Passion is Photographing Collections. 
 What a fun time I had at The Extreme Collectors Junk Trap Treasure Shop, and after filling a ScanDisk and changing batteries twice, I left the Treasure Junk Shop Trap with a camera full of photos, a set of FireKing Christmas Dishes, a TeaPot and Tulip Candle Stick! 

Many Thanks to Doreen for giving me the opportunity to share My Collections and My Towns Collections with You. 
 I have enjoyed visiting Your Blogs with your wonderful photography and always unique and interesting takes on the Friday ShootOut Themes!

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More Junk/Treasure Collectors
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