A HIP Shopping Trip

'Row 5'....Remember that Sue....Wow!  This is Close!  I hardly ever get to park this close at 'Stuff Mart'!
I begin this Hip Shoppin Trip with a quick run through the newly setup Garden Center.

I'm not looking to buy a mower or planning on visiting the Digital Photo Center,
 but it's 'Appropriate for a Photo Shot From The Hip!

I will be needing some of this after the Mesquite Trees bloom. 
That's kind of a 'Rule of Thumb' here in Texas....No More Freezes when the Mesquite Blooms!

Big Boys!  They can withstand a Cold Night if Covered!  I might plant them before the Mesquite Blooms!

Got Enough! Don't Need Anymore!  But I always take a Quick Look!  It might be on SALE!

Just want to be sure Ya'll know where you are! 

I know I said in the beginning I wouldn't be visiting the Digital Photo Center! 
I lied!
Just Lookin'!!!  I Love my HipShootin' NeatONikon!!!

Okay...now to my LIST!  I need a Bunch of Bananna's!

Some of This Green Stuff!

Sorry Ya'll....I couldn't resist! 

The ONLY person who noticed the Camera! 
Not even the CheckOut Clerk noticed....she was busy asking about why I was buying Soy Flour!

Another couldn't resist shot!  I can just imagine the conversation...
"Sir, no amount of Blowin' will give you his look."

Looks like several of us are done and headed for the Exit! 
Have you seen this movie?  I'll wait for it to show on TV!  It' won't be long!
Now to find my car!  What row was it?  I remember it was close!

I thought it was right next to the cart rack!!!!!

Found It!!! Thank goodness for that Horn Button!
I'm All Done for this Hip Trip!
So I'm going to Link Up with

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