Weekend Cardinal Watching

An occasional Cardinal will fly through the back yard, but I never seem to be in the right place at the right time for a 'Bird Watchers Shot'.
 It took a Weekend Camping Trip, a Cardinal StakeOut Spot and several hours to get these Friendly Texas Red Bird Shots.

Shooting with my NeatONikon CoolPix L100 with 15X Zoom about 25 feet away on an overcast day.

The females were more difficult to capture as their coloring blends into the background. 
The last two shots of the female were from about 15 feet away during a break in the overcast sky.
To my surprise, the birds pretty much ignored my presence as long as I was still. 
They flocked to the thorny bush and the watering trough in waves of 5 to 10 at one time.
They hung around several  minutes and off they would go again...giving me twenty minutes or so to Shoot This.....

 ...which explains the un-cropable  'plops'  in the background.
And This Shot just cause it's Pink and I got antsy while waiting for the next wave!
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