The Letter 'S' ShootOut Deep In The Heart of Texas

San Angelo, Texas is 'Rich in Texas History and The Letter 'S'.

There are the Stars

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(Several Versions for your Entertainment while you Visit the Letter 'S' in San Angelo, Texas)

Texas is known as The Lone Star State

Corner Stone of The Old San Angelo National Bank which still stands in Old Town San Angelo 109 years later.  The Old Bank Building is now a part of Historic DownTown SanAngelo's Visitor Center Block where Murals are painted around the Doors of the Old Buildings that depict a Time Gone By.  The following photos are of a few of the Murals that depict The Letter 'S'.

A Sacred Place

The Picture Show

Shaving Parlor

Old Town San Angelo is a few blocks away from the Concho River. 
Another place for Photographing The Letter 'S'.

Sculpture in the Concho River Park

Swimmer in the Sparkling Waters of the Concho River

A Thristy Steer

Sunset Silhouette of Mesquite Tree

Stunning Sunset

Thanks Ya'll for coming to San Angelo, Texas.

More of the Letter 'S'
from the
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Ya'll come back anytime! 
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